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Wilshire House



Battersea-  3 Bedroom luxury home

Lazzerini Interiors is thrilled to introduce our recent project in Battersea, London - the interior design of a luxurious three-bedroom property. This space has been meticulously designed to showcase vibrant pops of color, a spacious open-plan kitchen-living room, and a comfortable corner sofa. Textured wallpapers have been chosen for the entire home, adding subtle and elegant textures that elevate the ambiance of each room.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Accents: The design concept focused on introducing vibrant pops of color, creating an atmosphere that's both dynamic and inviting.

  • Open Plan: The property boasts a generously sized open-plan kitchen-living room, providing ample space for relaxation and entertaining.

  • Elegant Textures: Throughout the home, textured wallpapers have been chosen to infuse each room with subtle and elegant textures, elevating the overall aesthetic.

Our Services:

Our role encompassed every aspect of interior design, from concept development to selecting wall textures, color schemes and accessories that harmonize with the property's luxury feel. We aimed to create a space that combines sophistication with comfort, tailored to the unique character of this Battersea property.

The result is a luxurious residence where every room showcases a dynamic play of colors and textures. 

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