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Seaside Holiday Home


United Kingdom

Seaside Apartment - Coastal Transformation

Lazzerini Interiors took on an inspiring project - the redesign of a stunning seaside apartment. This residence, a cherished second home, was intended as a family escape from the bustling city. The client's vision revolved around vibrant and cheerful colors, alongside a layout that was both comfortable and practical for hosting guests.

Key Features:

  • Coastal Vibes: Our design concept embraced the essence of coastal living, with vibrant and cheerful colors that resonated with the sea and sun. The apartment was transformed into a haven of relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Inviting Entertainment Space: At the core of our design lay the desire to craft a welcoming environment where friends and family could gather with ease. The open-plan kitchen and living room were carefully curated to comfortably host guests and create memorable moments.

Our Services:

Our involvement extended from the initial redesign to creating mood boards and meticulously project-managing every aspect of the transformation. From conceptualization to installation and styling, we were there to ensure every detail contributed to a vibrant and practical coastal retreat.

The result is an apartment that beautifully captures the spirit of coastal living. 

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