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Holiday Residence



Italian Beachfront Residence 

Lazzerini Interiors is excited to showcase our latest project on the picturesque shores of Italy - a beachfront residence featuring 12 charming apartments. Each apartment is tastefully furnished with natural materials, including stone and wood. Our role included planning, interior design, and managing the construction work in collaboration with a property developer.

Key Features:

  • Natural Charm: The design approach prioritized the use of natural materials, like stone and wood, to create an inviting and authentic atmosphere.

  • Private Outdoor Spaces: Each apartment offers its own outdoor area, whether it's a terrace or patio, allowing residents to enjoy the stunning coastal surroundings.

  • Shared Garden Oasis: The residence also boasts a communal garden with a relaxation area. Here, residents can bask in the beauty of Mediterranean vegetation and the refreshing sea breeze.

Our Services:

Our work included project planning, interior design, and overseeing construction. We collaborated closely with the property developer to ensure that each apartment and the communal areas embraced the natural beauty and coastal character of this beachfront residence.

The result is a coastal retreat where natural materials take center stage, and each apartment offers a special connection to the stunning surroundings. 

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