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Holiday Home



Central London Holiday Apartment

Lazzerini Interiors is excited to showcase our recent project - an apartment in central London designed as a holiday getaway for our overseas client. The focus was on adding lively splashes of color and playful geometric patterns to create a fresh and welcoming atmosphere. This apartment serves as a place where the client and their family can enjoy the vibrant London lifestyle during their visits to the city.

Key Features:

  • Vivid Colors: The design emphasizes vibrant colors that bring a sense of joy and energy to every part of the apartment, making it feel dynamic and exciting.

  • Geometric Patterns: The use of geometric patterns adds a modern touch to the design, creating a sense of movement and visual interest.

  • Crisp and Fresh: We used materials and a layout that maximizes natural light, resulting in a comfortable and modern space that captures the essence of London living.

  • Holiday Getaway: The apartment is designed to be a peaceful oasis where the client and their family can enjoy London's vibrant life while feeling at home.

Our Services:

We took care of every detail, from the initial concept to choosing materials and efficiently managing the project. Our goal was to create an apartment that combines style and comfort, providing a place for memorable holidays in the heart of London.

The result is a welcoming London retreat that offers modern style and a fresh atmosphere. 

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