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Kingston upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames - Terraced House Refurbishment

Project in Progress - Professional Photos Coming Soon

Lazzerini Interiors is currently finishing this project - the complete refurbishment and decoration of a three-bedroom terraced house in Kingston upon Thames. This project began with a vision to provide a family-friendly, modern living space for a client who recently acquired the property after it had been rented for over two decades.

Key Features:

  •  Room Layout Reconfiguration: Recognising the limitations of the existing layouts, we embarked on a journey to reconfigure the room arrangements. Our goal was to enhance the functionality and harmony of the spaces, catering to the needs of a family with young children.

  • Inviting Open-Plan Kitchen: A central feature of the transformation was the creation of an open-plan kitchen that seamlessly merges with the living room. This family-centric space is designed to become the heart of the home, fostering shared moments and togetherness.

  • Optimised Storage: Practicality was paramount, so we incorporated clever storage solutions, such as utilising the space under the stairs, to maximise organisation and efficiency.

  •  First-Floor Refinement: The first floor received a significant overhaul, resulting in more spacious bedrooms and family bathrooms. By reconfiguring certain walls, we were able to unlock the full potential of these spaces.

Our Services:

Our dedication to this project extended from the initial conceptualisation, room layout design, and the selection of finishes, right through to managing the building works. At every step, we ensured that the client's vision was not just realised, but elevated to new heights.

Throughout the property, we celebrated the beauty of natural materials. From the exquisite natural stone flooring to the solid wood used in the staircase and first floor, and the striking travertine kitchen counter, our material choices not only enhanced aesthetics but also infused the space with a timeless and welcoming ambiance.

From inception to move-in day, we have remained fully committed to delivering a space that aligns seamlessly with the desires of our client. We eagerly anticipate the completion of this project and look forward to sharing professional photographs soon. This journey has been nothing short of remarkable, as we transform this Kingston upon Thames terraced house into a contemporary, inviting family home.

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